Legal Services and Trial Practice

We Do a Lot, and We Do It Well

You don’t accumulate the combined experience of our attorneys without developing an understanding of multiple areas of legal practice. Our ability to practice at the intersection of multiple areas serves all of our clients well. Continue reading to learn about our skills outside of the criminal defense and family law arena.

Real Estate Law

Buying, leasing, or selling property will likely qualify as the most consequential transactions you are part of in your life. It is crucial to make sure that your legal and financial interests are protected before you sign your name on the line. We offer a variety of residential and commercial real estate law, including the negotiating and drafting of contracts, reviewing purchase and sale agreements, and resolving real estate disputes.

Personal Injury

If you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident, you cannot afford to be without strong legal representation. The insurance companies would love nothing more than for you to go it alone and leave financial compensation on the table. We represent the victims of auto accidents, workplace accidents, and others who have been harmed by the negligence of others.

Corporations, LLCs , and Partnerships

Choosing the most advantageous legal entity is a crucial step in starting a business. You can rely on us for advice about your options and skilled guidance throughout the business formation process.

Estate Law

If you died tomorrow, do you know what would happen to your assets? Would your loved ones be protected? If you answered “no”, or “I don’t know”, it’s time to get your affairs in order. We can get you setup with a last will and testament as well as trusts that are designed to meet your needs and achieve your estate planning goals.

Choose an Experienced Attorney for Your Legal Needs

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