Divorce With Special Needs Children

Divorce is always challenging, and a special needs child can make it even more difficult. Although the love a parent has for a child runs deep, single parenting, a special needs child can put your self-reliance and willpower to the test.

The Challenges

Child Support– The standard child support calculation only sometimes considers all the expenses a special needs child needs. There can be further expenses in medical care, equipment, vitamins, medicines, and more. With the uncertainty of these elements, it can be challenging for the court to find a child-support amount that both parents can agree upon.

Parenting Time– When discussing your parenting plan, you should first discuss how much you and your ex-spouse agree upon how your child should be cared for. A special needs child requires care and attention that other children may not, especially when they are getting older and transitioning into adulthood.

Caring for a special needs child can be a full-time job, and doing it alone makes it more difficult. When going through a divorce, a special needs child requires more focus and attention than another child may. It can help to note both the child’s and the parent’s practical needs for managing this alone. If you are going through a divorce and need assistance getting what you and your child deserve, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at 815-562-8754. With over 60 years of combined legal experience, we have the expertise to give you the representation you deserve.