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Since 1978, Tess, Crull & Arnquist, has provided exceptional legal services to Northern Illinois. Whether you are faced with accusations of criminal wrongdoing, need help resolving the fallout from a broken relationship, or need help protecting your interests in a contractual matter, it is crucial to have the help of an experienced attorney you can trust.

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Our attorneys are no strangers to the legal problems that individuals, families, and businesses are faced with in Rochelle and surrounding areas of Illinois. Our attorneys combine for nearly 60 years of experience and our firm itself has been standing since 1978. The more things change, the more one thing stays the same: our commitment to providing every client with the attentive service and skilled representation they deserve.

Attorneys Licensed To Practice In All State Courts including:

  • Ogle County
  • Lee County
  • DeKalb County
  • Winnebago County

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You don’t have to take on your legal problems alone. Stop by our Rochelle office or call 815-562-8754 to schedule an appointment. We’ll take care of the rest. Our Illinois family law and criminal defense attorneys are licensed to practices in all state courts, including Ogle County, Lee County, DeKalb County, and Winnebago County.

I was recently represented by Russell Crull in a case that I assumed would turn into a nightmare scenario for myself. Mr. Crull impressed me not only with his professionalism and communication throughout the entire process but also by giving me a successful outcome that I never thought I’d receive. I highly recommend Tess, Crull & Arnquist, they are by far the best.

Attorney Crull represented me in court recently. I was nervous about going to court and honestly embarrassed. Attorney Crull walked me through every step before we walked into court, which made me feel comfortable. Most of all he showed me compassion. He never once made me feel like I was less of a person for a mistake I made. He's very intelligent and was very impressive. He not only impressed me but was able to impress a long-standing judge and attorney from the State's Attorney's Office. At my final court date, the assistant from the State's Attorney's Office said to me, "You better thank your attorney (Russel Crull) because he just moved mountains for you." No one ever plans on the hiccups that happen in life, but if you have one, I know who I would call.

Helped me out more than I ever though any lawyers would. Went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and battled for me. Will always use this law firm

I used the services of Eric Arnquist. Eric and his entire firm was very professional and truly listened to what was important to me in my case. Eric achieved a resolution that I did not think was possible. There is no doubt that the outcome achieved was a direct product of Eric's and his entire firm's effort on my case. I highly recommend this firm.

I had an extremely difficult DUI case. Russel Crull took on the case and worked nights and weekends and made himself available to always answer my questions. Attorney Crull guided me through the process and got me the not guilty verdict. Highly recommended him on any criminal case.

Eric Arnquist took my case and I could not be happier with the results. This man is as professional as it gets. This practice is the best you can get. My recommendations for sure. 5 stars across the board.

Mr. Arnquist represented me on a case just recently. He did everything in his power to fight for my rights in the court and got my case dismissed. I was very pleased with how he fought for me. 10/10 would recommend!

I had a very intense case that I had going on for over a year and half. Attorney Arnquist helped me fight for my innocence and I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. The way he fought for my case, I’m 100% confident he will fight just as hard for yours. I highly recommend

Eric Arnquist handled my case swiftly, and methodically. I couldn’t ask for a more well handled case. Watching this gentleman deliberate was like watching the movies. Very impressive, and ended with the correct verdict.

I was referred to Eric Arnquist by a friend of mine, who was a former client. He said, "Whatever he charges, it'll be worth it." My issue stemmed from a license suspension in which I was under the impression that I'd satisfied all terms of having it renewed, only I had missed the Secretary of State's reinstatement fee and was arrested and charged for driving on a suspended. Previously in this matter, I was represented by a different attorney and they informed me that in spite of the fact that I had handled all other terms of the suspension and then had promptly paid the reinstatement fee upon learning of it, the best I could expect from a plea was in the neighborhood of 18-24 months' probation, 240 hours' community service, a sizable fine and a re-suspension of my license. Upon hearing this, I decided to look into Tess, Crull & Arnquist for representation. At this point, I'd been to 4 different court dates and the needle hadn't moved at all toward a positive outcome. 2 dates later, and Mr. Arnquist had resolved with the state to allow for a total dismissal. If someone had asked me if there was even a non-zero chance of this happening, I'd have said no. That outcome almost sounds magical. And on TV, you hear things about "lawyer tricks" and "working your magic," but the truth is that, in criminal law, there really aren't any tricks to play most of the time and the "magic" worked was that Mr. Arnquist dedicated his time to: collecting accurate information on what had transpired, listening intently for details and putting in the leg-work which so many others would have foregone. The impact of a great attorney cannot be overstated.

Eric Arnquist and his team handled my case with the utmost professionalism and dilligence to gain the best result possible for me. Eric listened to what was most important to me and obtained a resolution to my case that I did not believe was possible. I am immensely appreciative of his effort and would highly recommend his services.

I hired him for 3 Criminal Misdemeanor offenses. Got me a really sweet deal to wrap them all up. Good Lawyer.

Completely overwhelmed with the success of my case. Eric is down to earth & is honest of expectations. Went above and beyond for me. I'm blessed and forever thankful for his hard work & dedication. I'm very happy with the outcome that allowed me to continue my career without losing my license. Would highly recommend to family and friends. For all involved in my case, I will be forever grateful, thank you.

In my understanding, he seems to be very intuitive and a lawyer of disposition. When I met Eric, he seemed highly about what he was doing and equitably virtuous in his line of profession. I have no doubt he will give nothing but the truth in my case. *Still pending*! I haven't had that one on one opportunity in speaking with him directly about my case, though I wished I had. Thus far, his words seem very promising. My name is Sean Hornback, and not (myself) but my parents hired lawyer, Eric, in helping me win a protection order against me which had been wrongfully documented. He's fighting on behalf of myself so I can be the father my son deserves and what I can show him how to continue loving his mother in times of disloyalty and untruthworthness. Thank you Eric William Arnquist for representing me kindly and effectively!

A lawyer you can depend on to fight for your case!! Best criminal lawyer that I could ever have!!! Fought for my case like it was his own!!! Tells you what to expect out of your situation!! He is aggressive when it comes to defending you. He is a type of lawyer do you want on your side. Takes everything serious about yr case. Comes to court prepared!!

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